General short description
What exactly is Mepos?
Mepos is a common good and comprehensive way to create alternative apprenticeship training-positions in the IT-sector as well as developing and building a fundamental knowledge-base of automated systems (open source) for the advantage of the audience.
Why Mepos?
  1. A lot of highly qualified people work in the IT-sector. Some retire involuntarily, others cannot find a job or do not have the possibility to convey or circulate their knowledge.
    Their potential remains unused!
  2. Small and medium-sized companies need individual IT-solutions, specified to their requirements, but they cannot realize them because they lack the know-how.
    Their potential remains unused!
  3. Many interesting and talented young people are looking for apprenticeship training positions in the IT-sector, but because of the existing, inflexible apprenticeship situation they are not able to find a job.
    Their potential remains unused!
Mepos wants to connect these three kinds of unused potential for the advantage of human beings, companies and the general public.
What do we need?
People who are interested in the idea of Mepos.
People who support this idea by means of personnel and/or investment